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Single-Serving Friends – Overnight in Gangnam-Gu [강남], Seoul, South Korea

Some time ago, with a trip to Seoul, South Korea on the horizon, I found myself reflecting on the single-serving friends I made during my first visit there.  I say ‘single-serving’ because I never expected to see, or think of, or feel much about them again.  Little did I know that I would feel deeply for them over the months that followed. It started with a 24 hour layover in Seoul.  On the heels of the incredible popularity of PSY’s Gangnam Style – the song being a jab at poseurs living large in the wealthy Gangnam-gu neighborhood – how could I resist a taste of the Korean good life? I arrived at Incheon International Airport [ICN] in the late afternoon, cleared customs with my colorful visitor information form,...

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Rewards of the Road Less Traveled - Black's Beach, La Jolla, California

The road less traveled is so for a reason. Sometimes there’s no comfort, no companion, no certainty, no room for error and no safety net, or no way back. But sometimes, at the end of the road, the reward is welcoming respite, a singular sensory experience, and pure magic. That was the case for me at Black’s Beach, La Jolla, California. It wasn’t the easiest to find, with a walking path originating at the intersection of two winding residential streets, behind a nondescript black gate. The walk down was long – and the walk up longer, but the amazing sunset against the slight fog hanging in front of the cliffs made it all worthwhile.

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Hello World

This is a site for travelers, explorers, and adventurers by travelers, explorers, and adventurers.  I've indulged my wanderlust for about a decade.  I'm also obsessed with efficiency and efficacy.  At the intersection of these is Excursion Gear, where the lightest, the most durable, and the most elegant solutions prevail.

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